The year at a glance

The year 2017 was eventful and instructive in Reykjavík Energy's various operations. Here is a recap of some significant events.

The year 2017 was eventful and instructive in Reykjavík Energy's various operations. Here is a recap of some significant events.

1. January 2017

Tariff cuts at the beginning of the year

Veitur Utilities cuts electricity distribution prices by 5.8% and water charges by 11.2% for most customers. The reason for this is more cost-effective management, since during the period of the Plan, the company was obliged to keep its tariffs in line with general price developments. 

18. January 2017

A new primary sub-station in Akranes

A new primary sub-station owned by Veitur Utilities and Landsnet is officially launched in Akranes. This bolsters the delivery security in the town, since Veitur Utilities had previously upgraded the distribution system in the town to 11 kilowatts.

2. February 2017

ON Power champions in customer satisfaction

ON Power receives the Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Award as the electricity supplier that customers are most satisfied with.

27. February 2017

The City of Reykjavik buys two water reservoirs in Öskjuhlíð

The City of Reykjavik buys two of the six water reservoirs of the district heating utilities of Veitur Utilities for a nature show and promises to build two new and larger reservoirs below it.

7. March 2017

ON Power presents an app for EV-owners

ON Power presents an app that shows electric car owners where the company’s charging stations are located and tells them in real time whether they are available.

7. March 2017

The Plan is a success

Reykjavik Energy declares the Plan a success as the 2016 annual accounts are presented. The results of the action plan exceeded the target by about ISK 9 billion.

28. March 2017

The staff of Veitur Utilities collected money for a water supply in Syria

The staff of Veitur Utilities deliver money collected from their personnel to UNICEF in aid of war-stricken Aleppo in Syria.

3. April 2017

The future is here - Reykjavik Energy's annual general meeting

Climate change issues come under the spotlight at the opening of the Reykjavik Energy annual general meeting.

20. April 2017

Magnea from ON Power wins the Ölfus 2017 Environmental Award

Magnea Magnúsdóttir, the environmental and land reclamation director of ON Power, wins the Ölfuss 2017 Environmental Award for her pioneering work in land reclamation in Hellisheidi.

21. April 2018

The best intra-web

The internal service website of the Reykjavik Fibre Network is chosen as website of the year by the Icelandic Web Industry Association.

3. May 2017

Women most influential at Reykjavík Energy

The impact of women in companies in the energy sector is by far the strongest in the Reykjavik Energy Group, according to a report published by the Women in Energy Association. 

4. May 2017

The Reykjavík-Akureyri road open to EVs

ON Power opens three new EV charging stations for electric cars travelling between Akureyri and Reykjavik and the Minister for the Environment  declares this popular national highway open to electric cars.

15. May 2017

Advised to clear up the waterway

Mistakes are made when the intake reservoir of the Andakílsá Hydropower Station is drained and a substantial amount of silt is carried into the river. A clean-up operation is launched in tandem with other measures in consultation with locals and scientists, as well as a revision of work procedures.

5. June 2017

Drilling with electricity saves more than a million litres of oil

ON Power negotiates steam drilling in the Hengill area with the Iceland Drilling company. All the drilling will be powered by electricity, which substantially reduces the carbon footprint of the project.

14. June 2017

New transformers installed at A-1

Veitur Utilities installs new powerful transformers in the primary sub-station in Barónsstígur. This almost doubles the power of the station, since the demographic growth in the city centre calls for a strengthening of the electricity grid.

20. June 2017

ON Power supplies certified green power

ON Power announces that, as of 1 January 2017, all of the company’s electrical sales in the private sector will be accompanied by a certificate of origin.

26. June 2017

ON Power's reclaims moss spoiled by trekkers

ON Power’s land reclamation group restores damaged moss in Svínahlíd in Grafningur using a method that attracts a lot of attention and is later taught in a course for professionals and the public.

19. July 2017

Veitur Utilities promises reforms

Veitur Utilities holds a press conference to announce changed work procedures in the maintenance of  its sewerage system constructions and the disclosure of information. The reason for this was dissatisfaction with Veitur’s performance in this area when the maintenance of pumping stations in Faxaskjól dragged on for too long with a consequent pollution of the shore.

25. August 2017

OR headquarters damaged by moisture

At a press conference, the CEO of Reykjavik Energy announces serious moisture damage in parts of the company headquarters in Bæjarháls and presents possible remedies.

11. September 2017

Huge grants for climate research

Reykjavik Energy, the University of Iceland and many  partners from around the globe receive European Union grants totalling ISK 1.5 billion for climate change projects at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant.

15. September 2017

ON Power and N1 open a charging point at Hvolsvöllur

ON Power opens an EV charging point in collaboration with energy firm N1 at Hvolsvöllur, South Iceland.

18. September 2017

OR group and Verkis Consultants awarded

The Reykjavik Energy Group is one of two companies to receive recognition from the City of Reykjavik for its targeted measures in promoting eco-friendly transport.

5. October 2017

Charging points at Vík and Kirkjubæjarklaustur

ON Power opens EV charging points for electric cars in Vík in Mýrdalur and in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

11. October 2017

Carbon sequestration enters a new phase

A new step is taken in carbon sequestration at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant in collaboration with Climeworks, which captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and uses new equipment at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant to sequester it in the bedrock. The innovation is covered by some of the world’s top media.

25. October 2017

The Reykjavik Fibre Network receives two international prizes

The Reykjavik Fibre Network receives two prizes at the world’s biggest broadband event, the Broadband World Forum: the Customer Choice Award and the company’s CEO, Erling Freyr, is chosen as Broadband Man of the Year with the People's Choice Award.

1. November 2017

Electricity distribution prices cut by 7.5%

Electricity distribution prices cut by 7.5%. This is the second decrease of the year.

9. November 2017

Well-attended symposium

Reykjavik Energy hosts a well-attended symposium in honour of Jóhannes Zoëga, the former district heating director who would have been 100 years old this year.

16. November 2017

Shortened working hours - A big step in the field of equal rights

A big step in the field of equal rights is taken when the daily working hours of the maintenance services of Veitur Utilities and the street lamp services of ON Power are shortened to enable the staff, who are mostly men, to participate in household tasks in the early morning.

20. November 2017

OR re-aquires Bæjarháls 1

The owners of the Foss real estate company accept an offer made by Reykjavik Energy for all shares in the company, thus giving RE full control over the property in Bæjarháls 1.

23. November 2017

A new treatment plant in Kjalarnes

Veitur Utilities launches a new waste-water treatment plant in Kjalarnes in the presence of the mayor and many guests. This concludes the immense project, which started in 1995, to clean up the shores of the city.

11. December 2017

Four new charging points

ON Power announces that the number of EV charging points will rise to 50 by the end of 2018 and that the sale of services at rapid-charging points starts on 1 February 2018.